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The Big Green Egg is available in seven convenient sizes and, with the addition of a Nest, Table or Custom Island, can be configured in many different packages — designed by you to meet your specific needs. Many dealers also offer their own suggested packages that include all of the most popular configurations. For pricing on specific EGG packages and EGGcessories, please contact or visit any Authorized Big Green Egg Dealer.

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About the Big Green Egg

  • What comes with the EGG?

    The Big Green Egg includes the EGG itself, hardware and interior components including the stainless steel cooking grid and high-quality external temperature gauge. Individual Dealers often include or package other EGGcessories such as a Nest, Table, Charcoal or convEGGtor with the EGG

  • There are a lot of EGGcessories that I would like to try. Where is my closest dealer?

    You can use the Find a Local Dealer tab on our home page to locate Authorized EGG Dealers in your area, or around the world.

  • Why can't I buy an EGG on the internet and have it shipped to my house?

    Like many specialty products, the Big Green Egg is currently available exclusively through a network of distributors and Authorized Dealers who are knowledgeable about the EGG and its many features and pride themselves on customer support. Discount Clubs, On Line Stores and other similar entities are not Authorized Dealers, and are in effect reselling products they have acquired elsewhere. Big Green Egg does not recognize or offer a warranty on any EGG purchased from an unauthorized online reseller, so be wary of anyone claiming to be an online Big Green Egg dealer.

  • Do you ship overseas?

    We do not ship EGG orders inside the USA or internationally from the United States, as we have many international distributors and dealers that can help you. Please go to the International page on this website for contact information

  • Where can I find pricing for EGGs and EGGcessories?

    The Big Green Egg is available in seven convenient sizes and, with the addition of a Nest, Table or Custom Island, can be configured in many different packages to meet your specific needs. For pricing on specific EGG packages and EGGcessories, please contact or visit any Authorized Big Green Egg Dealer. You can use the Find a Local Dealer tab on our home page to locate dealers in your area

  • How do I become an EGG dealer?

    Please use the Become a Dealer feature on our website to contact us. Big Green Egg is seeking qualified dealers in many new market areas, and there are exciting opportunities to join the Winning Dealer Team at Big Green Egg!

  • Where is the Big Green Egg manufactured?

    The Big Green Egg is the original American-designed ceramic cooker, and all the components are made in North America. The proprietary ceramic components of the Big Green Egg are manufactured in Mexico at an advanced technology facility that has earned ISO14001:2004 Environmental Certification and ISO9001-1944 Quality Certifications. The Bands, Hinge Assembly, External Temperature Gauge and Stainless Steel Cooking Grids are all designed and manufactured in the United States of America To our knowledge, there is no kamado cooker on the market that actually consists of 100% American made components throughout.

How to use the EGG

  • Can I use charcoal briquettes or lighter fluid in the EGG?

    Please don’t! Briquettes contain a variety of materials, including nitrates, chemicals, anthracite coal, limestone, treated wood, starch, sawdust or petroleum by-products. Does anyone really want to cook with those additives? We recommend using only Big Green Egg 100% Natural Lump Charcoal for a clean, controllable fuel source. Natural lump charcoal burns efficiently and produces very little ash, so cleanup is easy. NEVER USE LIGHTER FLUID or charcoal products that contain lighter fluid … you don’t need it and you don’t want the chemical taste on your food. Our Natural Charcoal Starters or Electric Starters are designed to start your EGG quickly and cleanly.

    Be sure to visit our Getting Started page!

  • I used lighter fluid in my EGG and it now smells. What can I do?

    If you have used lighter fluid in your EGG, you will need to light your EGG to 500°F/260°C and conduct several non-cooking cycles (no food) for approximately one hour each to burn off the lighter fluid and lighter fluid odor.

    Be sure to visit our Getting Started page!

  • What is a convEGGtor and why should I have one?

    The convEGGtor is used for indirect cooking on the Big Green Egg, providing a barrier between the food and the flame and turning your EGG into an outdoor convection oven. The design of the convEGGtor allows heat to radiate within the dome while preventing the direct heat of the fire from reaching the food. Nothing will contribute greater versatility to your outdoor cooking than adding aconvEGGtor (Plate Setter) to your EGGcessories collection.

  • Why can't I get the temperature in my EGG over 350˚F?

    In simple terms, the volume of air flowing into and out of the EGG controls the temperature. By adjusting the patented lower draft door and the top vent cap, you are able to precisely regulate the flow of air – an increase in either or both openings will increase air flow and raise the temperature. See How the EGG Works for more information. Some common reasons that a Big Green Egg will not get up to temperature are:

    • Not using enough charcoal. We recommend filling the EGG with natural lump charcoal to the top of the fire box. The Lighting Your EGG video on this website will show you the proper amount of charcoal to use as well as the recommended lighting procedures.
    • Using damp charcoal. Charcoal will retain moisture if it has been exposed to water, such as rain or humidity, even if the charcoal appears dry. Always store your Big Green Egg Natural Lump Charcoal away from the elements or in a sealed bin.
    • Air flow is reduced by the round air holes in the fire box becoming clogged with ash, or excessive ash accumulation in the base of the EGG. Simply clean out ash using the Ash Tool and clear the holes in fire box to maximize air flow inside the EGG; check the openings occasionally and clean as needed. The Maintaining Your EGG video on this site will show you how to clean and maintain your EGG.
    • Temperature Gauge is not reading correct temperature. See question #20 in the Parts and Service Section below to learn how to calibrate the gauge.

  • How do I calibrate my External Temperature Gauge?

    If you think your external temperature gauge is reading incorrectly, first make sure the holes in the Fire Box are clear and that there is a proper load of charcoal in place; reduced air flow or not enough charcoal can lead to low temperatures. To calibrate the gauge, carefully place the stem of your gauge into a pot of boiling water, being careful to not rest the tip of the gauge against the bottom of the pan. Exercise EXTREME CAUTION as boiling water is very dangerous and can cause burns. We recommend holding the gauge with pliers and wearing a heat proof glove or mitt. After about one minute, your gauge should read 212°F/100°C. If your temperature indicator is not at the 212° F/100°C mark, adjust the indicator by turning the nut on the underside of the gauge using a 7/16″ wrench. Rotate nut in direction needed to align pointer at proper temperature and repeat to check your gauge as instructed above. AGAIN, EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION AT ALL TIMES WHEN BOILING WATER.

  • Can I place the EGG directly on wood or a table?

    DO NOT PLACE AN EGG DIRECTLY ON A WOOD SURFACE OR ON OR NEAR ANY COMBUSTIBLE SURFACE! The bottom of the ceramic does generate significant heat when in use, and may cause combustion if placed directly on or in proximity to any combustible material. The EGG is designed to be used in a metal Nest or with the metal table Nest, allowing for an air gap below the EGG. Alternately, a concrete paver block may be used to support the EGG when used in a table. For maximum heat protection, a paver block and a metal table Nest can be used in combination. Always close both vents fully upon conclusion of cooking.

  • How much clearance do I need from combustible material?

    The bottom of the ceramic does generate significant heat when in use, and may cause combustion if placed directly on or in proximity to any combustible material. Do not leave a lit EGG unattended with the dome open. Be aware of dry leaves, decking and other combustible materials that may be in proximity to an EGG while it is in use, as they may present a fire hazard if any hot charcoal or sparks are allowed to come into contact. Do be aware of your surroundings if using an EGG while camping or on cookouts, as any open flame can present a hazard to people and property. Do be aware that local ordinances may specify distance to place any outdoor cooker from a structure or may limit outdoor flame of any type during drought or fire hazard periods.

    DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LIGHT OR USE AN EGG INDOORS unless it is an approved commercial installation with venting or fire suppression as may be required by building codes. The EGG must always be placed outdoors, away from structures and NEVER inside or in proximity to an enclosed area. The burning of wood and charcoal products releases carbon monoxide, which can be deadly. DO NOT attempt to light or use an EGG near any storage area or inside a garage or enclosed patio that may contain fumes or combustible materials – if you have any questions about such materials, please contact the manufacturer of the combustible material in question.

  • Do you have a cookbook available online?

    We have something even better! We have a full library of recipes and cooking videos – along with cooking tips – in our Recipes section. Big Green Egg Dealers also offer severalBig Green Egg Cookbook, with extensive color photography and delicious recipes that will help you fully explore the unique cooking abilities of the EGG.

  • Is there a rotisserie attachment available?

    No, because when you add the convEGGtor for indirect cooking, the EGG acts as a convection oven and a rotisserie isn’t necessary. The natural convection effect due to the ceramic construction and superior performance that the EGG provides eliminates any need for a rotisserie attachment

  • Can I drill a hole into the EGG?

    DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRILL HOLES IN THE EGG; doing so will void your warranty and most likely will damage the EGG

Parts, Service & Care

  • How can I obtain replacement parts that my local dealer does not stock?

    If your local dealer does not have the parts that you need in stock, they can easily order it for you. If that is not possible, please email describing the part you need, along with your contact information and phone number.

  • Should I seal the wood table? If so what do you recommend?

    Big Green Egg Natural MAHOGANY Hardwood Tables are crafted from solid planks of natural, kiln-dried mahogany, and have been treated with a durable water-based acrylic finish which is UV, fungi and mold resistant. Exposure to heat and humidity during shipping can dry out areas of the wood surface. This is a normal condition for a natural wood product. If you wish to re-treat the wood surface, use only a water-based product to retain compatibility with the original finish. Our Big Green Egg CYPRESS Tables are designed and manufactured in the USA from cypress wood, which is a beautiful, straight-grained wood that is very light in color in its natural state. Cypress is very rot resistant and will weather naturally to a light grey color. To retain the original color, use a protective deck coating on all exposed surfaces of the table. If a darker color is desired, apply an outdoor wood stain before using the protective finish. Applying a protective finish to the table will help minimize grease and food stains; and the protective finish will keep the table attractive for many years, even with frequent use of the EGG.

  • How often do you clean the EGG?

    The ash should be removed regularly to keep the fire box flowing air properly. Other than that, the Big Green Egg features a distinctive green exterior with a lifetime glaze that maintains its good looks and wipes clean easily without chemical cleaners. Inside, residual heat burns off any grease build-up – just like a self-cleaning oven. Other than removing ash, wiping the outside and brushing the cooking grid, regular cleaning is not necessary. As part of annual maintenance, removal and brushing off the internal parts is recommended for optimal function of the EGG. DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICAL CLEANERS IN THE EGG.

  • How do I clean the convEGGtor and Pizza & Baking Stone?

    The Big Green Egg convEGGtor and Pizza & Baking Stones acquire a natural patina – the mark of their effectiveness and continued use. For regular care, once the convEGGtor and Pizza & Baking Stones has cooled completely, scrape off any baked-on food with a stiff, dry brush or a plastic scraper; wipe with a damp cloth. Over time the convEGGtor and Pizza & Baking Stones will darken and possibly show stains – this is normal and will not affect the flavor of foods. Do not soak in water or place in dishwasher.

  • My gasket has become separated or dislodged from the ceramic. What should I do?

    If you experience adhesion issues with the gasket, please contact your local Big Green Egg dealer for a warranty replacement. Minor separations on portions of the gasket can easily be reattached by using an adhesive such as 3M Super 77 or similar hi-temp adhesive.

    Also watch our Gasket Replacement Video Click Here

  • The green glaze has chipped. How do I get touch up paint?

    Big Green Egg Touch-Up Paint can be provided by your Authorized Big Green Egg Dealer

  • My dome does not align with base.

    If you have just assembled a new EGG, please check your bands and make sure you have everything in alignment. Please CLICK HERE to watch the band alignment and adjustment video, and if the problem persists please email

  • My dome has sealed itself shut and cannot be opened. What can I do?

    On rare occasions, your EGG could seal itself shut due to inactivity or ambient temperature fluctuations. If there is charcoal in the Fire Box, and if you can safely attempt to light it through the draft door, warming the EGG slightly will often release the dome. You can light the charcoal through the draft door by lighting a charcoal starter or newspaper in the bottom of the EGG, which will in turn ignite the charcoal, which will then heat the EGG and allow the dome to open.

    Otherwise, to open the EGG – ONLY WHEN IT IS COOL – carefully insert a flat object such as a putty knife between the dome and base gasket and slowly work the flat edge around the circumference of the base. This should loosen the seal enough for you to be able to open the EGG.

    CAUTION: TO AVOID A WARRANTY ISSUE, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FORCE, LEVER OR FORCIBLY PRY OPEN THE EGG AS THIS MAY CRACK OR CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE CERAMIC! Once the EGG is open, inspect the gasket for damage and replace if necessary. Your Authorized Dealer can provide a new gasket.

  • I have XLarge EGG and the Dome only opens halfway? What can I do?

    If this happens it usually means that your hinge bolts are too tight and need to be adjusted. Loosen the bolts slightly to solve the problem. You may also occasionally lubricate the hinge itself with a dry lubricant, particularly if the EGG is stored outside without a cover. If this problem persists, please email

  • My EGG does not fit all the way down into the Nest. What should I do?

    First, check to make sure you have purchased the correct size Nest and that the EGG is aligned correctly facing the front of the Nest and has been placed squarely in the Nest with the vinyl pads in place. If so, make sure all of the internal components of the EGG are installed as the weight should naturally push the EGG down into the Nest. You may apply slight pressure to seat the EGG in the Nest, but do not attempt to force it. Never stand inside an EGG to attempt to seat it in a Nest. If this problem persists, please email

  • Do you sell just the dome or base?

    All components of the Big Green Egg are available and can be purchased from your Authorized Big Green Egg Dealer.

  • I have an older EGG

    Our current band and hinge configuration fits on EGGs that were made in 1998 or later. For older model (pre-1998) EGGs please email


  • How do I register the warranty on my new EGG?

    Simply go to the online warranty registration located on the website home page. If you do not have access to the online form, your Authorized Dealer can register the warranty for you. Always keep the original receipt or proof of purchase as only EGGs sold by an Authorized Dealer are eligible for warranty support.

  • Can my dealer handle warranty issues?

    Yes, any Authorized Big Green Egg Dealer in the country of purchase is able to handle warranty issues. If you have moved your EGG to a different country, you will need to contact the Authorized Dealer in the country where it was originally purchased.

  • What is the warranty on my EGG and EGGcessories?

    When you purchase an EGG, your investment in this amazing product is protected by a successful company with a reputation for manufacturing excellence, and we are committed to supporting our products with the original limited lifetime warranty and best-in-class customer service and dealer support. Please see our Warranty page for complete information. When you invest in a Big Green Egg you are protected by a company with over forty years of success making the finest product of its type in the world today.

  • What is the warranty on the wood tables?

    Big Green Egg Hardwood tables come with a one year warranty. If your table has experienced what you believe to be a manufacturer defect, please email

  • My EGG has a crack in the Fire Box? Is this covered in the warranty?

    All Big Green Egg Fire Boxes are manufactured with a vertical cut that runs straight up from the draft opening – this is not a crack. This cut allows for repeated heat expansion and contraction without putting stress on the ceramics. If your EGG develops a crack other than this cut, you may continue using the Fire Box as long as it supports the Fire Ring. If you are the original owner of your Big Green Egg, and the EGG was purchased from an Authorized Dealer, and you have completed the required warranty registration, then the Fire Box is covered under warranty and can be replaced through your local Big Green Egg dealer.

  • My Temperature Gauge is fogged up

    The Temperature Gauge comes with a one year warranty. Replacement gauges are available at your Authorized Dealer. If the gauge has been exposed to heavy rain or humidity, or stored in a damp environment, this fogging often clears up after exposure to the sun or in drier weather.

  • is it under warranty?

    Depending on the reason or source of the crack it may be covered under warranty, if it is a structural crack and not from dropping or accidental breakage. Big Green Egg is unable to provide warranty coverage on damage caused by accidental dropping or other similar situations as outlined within the Warranty. The dome releasing from the band can occur due to loose nuts or bolts on the band, or any other number of reasons beyond our control. All hardware on the EGG should be checked and tightened every 30 days, and more frequently if it is used or moved often. An Authorized Dealer may be able to examine the crack and determine the cause, and if not you can Click Here to send a photo and message to Customer Service.